Video Walls Take Off

This post on Video Walls is the second installment of the LCD Video Wall Technology series.  If you missed the first installment, click here.


Video Walls and the video wall market continues to evolve with more uses now dictated by new technology features, including deployment in collaborative work spaces. Just 10 to 15 years ago many video wall purchases were made for show, essentially to draw customers in and impress them with cool technology or just to show video eye candy to customers or employees.

Since then video walls have been introduced for more utilitarian and collaborative uses. People are utilizing this technology for what it was really designed to offer – to visualize data in a larger format more effectively. This is seen in traditional video wall applications and it is also seen in the proliferation of corporate collaborative spaces, including huddle spaces – the new buzzword for spaces within an office where staff can more informally meet and strategize.

Where these collaboration rooms once relied on a video projector to share information and data, now state-of-the-art video walls allow for a more cost- effective, collaborative experience.

There is also a surge in digital signage as the desire grows for high-impact signage for branding and interactive functions, wayfinding in public spaces, digital menu boards, and placement of any video and high-resolution graphics in places where digital imagery was not feasible previously. This can be seen in environments across the board including corporate lobbies, museums, schools and universities, even moving trains and buses. Digital signage is now everywhere and its gone way beyond signage.

Why is a video wall display system particularly ideal for all those multiple scenarios? It’s a high-impact, affordable solution providing the right performance level for the right price. It allows for multiple budget levels – allowing the user to scale the technology for the targeted purpose and stay within budget while leaving room for future expansion of the system.

Over the coming days, we will continue sharing critical information about LCD Video Wall Technology and what you should be looking for. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your SAVE Electronics representative for complete details about how an LCD Video Wall can improve your companies performance.

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