If you watched Super Bowl 50 last night, you probably saw the minute long ad featuring Liam Neeson as “The Man From The Future” who travels back in time to tell a younger version of himself (played by Neeson’s son, Michael) about the coming revolution in viewing technology: OLED Television.
At the same time, you may have asked yourself, what is OLED TV and what’s the big deal? OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLED panels emit their own light when an electric current is passed through. A traditional LCD display requires an external light source, like a back light, for brightness. This is important because OLED TVs can give you dazzling, bright picture quality, with smooth motion, deep blacks and vibrant colors, while also being slimmer than even LED-backlit LCD TVs.

Tim Boyd, President of SAVE Electronics says, “One primary advantage is that each pixel can be completely shut off creating absolute black therefore generating an absolute contrast ratio. No other television technology can accomplish that.”
In addition to better image quality, OLED TV’s consume less power and have faster response times than current television technology.
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