surge filter protection surge filter protection 10 of 10 facilities have dirty power spikes That destroy equipment ...and cost companies $$$$ surge filter protection tps We Clean Your Power Contact Us To Discover How Much You Can Save 10 of 10 facilities have dirty power spikes That destroy equipment ...and cost companies $$$$ We Clean Your Power Contact Us To Discover How Much You Can Save

ConAgra Foods / Total Surge Protection Case Study

In February 2015, ConAgra Foods Ontario Facility experienced two power surges that halted production and incurred huge costs from downtime and lost productivity.

The answer was to install surge filtering technology designed by Total Protection Solutions.  This video is their story.

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THE PROBLEMIncompatibility

In today’s world, computers, laser printers, copiers, variable speed drives, electronic power supplies, and sensitive silicon-based microchips are sharing the same electrical system with traditional equipment, creating a systems incompatibility. Modern equipment, both now and in the future, will require the electrical system to be free of transients and surges. Neutral and ground conductors must be isolated from one another and be virtually noise-free. Simply put, sensitive modern electronics and processors cannot tolerate the high frequency transients, surges, and noise present in all electrical systems.

THE SOLUTION – Surge Filter Protection

Properly networking Surge Filter Protection devices (SFPs) solve many of the electrical problems experienced by commercial and industrial facilities. The resulting SFPs will dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

SFPs will:

• Increase system reliability
• Extend equipment life
• Reduce equipment downtime
• Reduce electrical maintenance and equipment repair costs
• Increase productivity

What People Are Saying

We experienced $200,000 in electrical maintenance and repair costs within the first 18 months of operation.  Then after we installed the Surge Filter Protection, our electrical maintenance and repair costs were reduced to $7,000 over the next 5 years.  READ MORE HERE.
Prior to using TPS surge suppression and filtering devices we saw a constant increase in our operational costs associated with our electrical equipment in our casinos. When we installed the surge suppression and filtering devices, we saw a dramatic reduction in circuit board repair, reduction in downtime to slot machines, reduced repair and replacement of all protected lighting systems, dramatic reduction in….READ FULL REPORT HERE.
We found we were experiencing fluctuations in the power that was affecting our drive areas, causing equipment replacement and downtime.  I am pleased to report that since the installation 2009 to 2011 we have had no issues related to our power quality in this area.  The quality, dependability, technical...READ FULL CASE STUDY HERE.
Many retail and commercial building managers replaced their existing lighting with energy efficient electronic lighting ballasts and fluorescent  lamps to help reduce expense.  However, these ballasts are extremely susceptible to transient surge events.  Thomas & Betts contacted a large retail company to see if they could help determine a root cause for the increased lighting maintenance costs and to investigate potential solutions.  READ THE ENTIRE CASE STUDY HERE.

Understanding the effects of dirty power:

Exposing your equipment to dirty power has the same effect on your equipment as consuming contaminated water would have on you. If you were to only drink dirty water from dirty pipes over an extended period of time, your system would begin to shut down and deteriorate.

Just as a water filtration system produces clean, uncontaminated water, the surge filtering technology from Total Protection Solutions delivers the highest level of clean, decontaminated power.

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Designed to Fail Safely

Surge Filtering System Fail-Safe test

All Surge Filtering Systems will eventually be pushed to the point of failure. TPS Surge Filtering Systems are designed to fail safely and protect the lives of your employees and your company. This abnormal, over-voltage fail-safe test compares TPS to the competitor and simulates what happens when lightning strikes or the affects of a transformer failure. This test was conducted in a UL Certified Test Lab.

The Takeaway


Surge Filter Suppression products protect your equipment and facility from costly repairs due to electrical problems. If unprotected, sensitive electronic devices are subject to damage from transient events, and over time, these small spikes erode electronic circuit connections, making them unstable and subject to  failure.


Electrical disturbances cost North American companies more than $26 billion each year. For large businesses, even a few minutes in operational disruption can cost millions of dollars in lost information and revenue. Reducing downtime is the most important priority in operating any facility. The cost of downtime is almost always many times (10+) the cost associated with electrical maintenance and equipment repair. A surge filter protection system will ensure a dramatic reduction in downtime.


High frequency noise is filtered and reduced to harmless levels, preventing  degrading, damaging transients from disrupting the processes you depend on every day.

When your equipment is working, downtime is minimized, your staff is productive, and your company is reaping huge benefits. In facilities where  productivity is routinely measured, significant increases can be expected.

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30-Year FREE Replacement Warranty

Lifecycle savings is the often overlooked analysis of a capital equipment investment relative to the cumulative savings over the useful life of the investment. Lifecycle analysis is critical to reaching a true understanding of the potential savings on long life projects (typically 20-30 years). The TPS standard 30-year free replacement warranty assures maximum lifecycle ROI.
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