Hospital Sound Masking Speech Privacy

Hospital sound masking speech privacy helps hospitals safeguard speech privacy as required by HIPAA, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance the quality of care given to patients. Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions. The resulting environment leads to greater productivity and increased privacy and comfort.

Sound Masking in Hospitals

SAVE Electronics uses the highest quality, direct-field sound masking system that is ideal for the hospital environment. Designed by acoustical experts, the sound masking system employed by SAVE Electronics can help hospitals safeguard speech privacy as required by HIPAA, improve patient satisfaction, enhance quality of care, and ultimately raise key HCAHPS metrics that impact Medicare funding.

Managing distracting noise continues to be an ongoing acoustical challenge in hospitals. National HCAHPS data reveals patients are dissatisfied with noise levels near their rooms at night and consequently hospitals across the board are receiving the lowest of all HCAHPS scores on this key measure. Patients find sound masking provides a comfortable acoustic environment that promotes sleep and contributes to improved medical outcomes.

At the core of the sound masking system is a series of miniature, low-voltage emitters (loudspeakers) that are installed directly in the ceiling. The emitters distribute an unobtrusive background sound (much like the sound of airflow) that serves to mask the impact of distracting noise and reduces the intelligibility of confidential conversations. Optional software control and integrated paging and music inputs make it the most flexible and cost effective sound masking system.  In addition, it is GreenSpec listed and the most energy efficient sound masking system available. It consumes less than 27 watts of power per 72,000 square feet of space.  Installed in hundreds of hospitals across the nation, this sound masking system is the logical choice for hospitals committed to providing patients with an acoustic environment that enhances the effectiveness of caregivers and delivers the highest level of patient satisfaction.

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