Deliver a clear and powerful message with a quality Flat Panel Video Wall System.

Important messages demand dynamic solutions!

A multi-screen Flat Panel Video Wall System makes communication easy.  These unique systems can hold any number and size of flat panel monitors, WITHOUT the need for rear access.
With flat panel video wall systems, you receive the best solution based on your specific needs. Once installed, each monitor can be manually adjusted for proper fit to the support structure, and individually accessed for quick repairs or adjustments. Preliminary drawings are available at no extra charge, and custom trim finishes are available. Designs and support structures can accommodate either LCD or plasma monitors. Custom racks are also available to hold processors.

FlatPanelVideoWall_DT SAVE Electronics

6 Good Reasons:

  • As little as 2.0 mm separation between each monitor for a cleaner and clearer overall image.
  • Cooling systems to meet flat panel manufacturer’s airflow requirements and extend display life.
  • A monitor support structure custom-built of extruded aluminum or steel, that can be built to hold any number and size of flat panel monitors available in the marketplace.
  • Offered in three unique mount styles, depending on available space behind flat panel displays (keyhole mount, door mount and drawer slide mount). Each with its own unique benefits.
  • Flat Panel Wall Systems may require as little as 6″ (152mm) depth.
  • Drawer slide mounting offers unique push-and-release mechanism from audience side: push on the flat panel to release lock, and pull the monitor forward for adjustment or replacement. This unique system offers the best wall alignment in the industry.

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