40 years in the Audio, Video and & Lighting business has taught us that no two clients or jobs are ever alike. Everyone has their own desires and every job has different solutions available.

At SAVE Electronics every project starts with our design team discussing the specifics of your particular situation. How do you want your system to work? Do you want to control your entire building from your tablet or phone; or just affect control locally in each room? Do you need a single monitor, or a Network Operations (NOC) Center? Will you be using digital signage?

Through these conversations, we often point out capabilities and technological solutions that you may not even know exist. In doing so, we help you design the system that will fill your needs today and into the future.

A few things to think about:

If money were no object, what would you want your system to do?      It’s through your imagination and our knowledge base that we design the perfect solution for your business.

Since money is always an object, what is your budget range?      Your budget will help us determine whether to design a “Lexus” or a “Rolls Royce”.

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