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Automation Control Systems

Automation Control Systems make life easier at work and home.  Discover more here:

Control Systems for Work
Control Systems for Home

Control Systems at Work


Control Systems Make Work Life More Productive

By using control systems to program every aspect of your building you have peace of mind knowing that your system is operating as you instructed.

Intelligently monitor, manage and control your spaces and building technology so you can spend your time on the task at hand.  Fully integrate and automate everything from audio and video equipment, to lights and shades, to climate control and security systems, and provide a user experience unmatched by ordinary or manual systems.

You control costs by automating your system and controlling the distribution of power and data to only the areas when they are scheduled to be in use.  In addition, streamline the user experience by programming an orchestrated distribution of messaging and entertainment in your facility.  No longer will you rely on the MOD or bartender to select the game of the day.  You program the entertainment days or weeks in advance with a simple user interface either on-site or remotely.

In doing so, you create an incomparable user experience that excites all the senses and makes your customers come back for more.

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Control Your Home


Control Systems Make Your Home Life Easier

From Just One Device to Dozens Working in Concert

Raise the shades while you’re getting ready for work or adjust the temperature from bed—with just a few words. Or take it one step further with smart home scenes. “Dining” dims the chandelier to 60% and turns on the tunes. And “Bedtime” shuts off every light in the house, locks the doors, and arms the alarm.

One command controls a single light or sets a perfect scene.

Your Favorites Working Together

With support for nearly 10,000 consumer devices, only Control4 can create immersive, whole-home experiences, personalized to exactly how you live. When the devices and systems you use regularly work in unison—such as smart locks, lights, entertainment, security devices, garage doors, and more—life gets a whole lot more comfortable and convenient.

Learn more about controlling the entire house.

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  • control system home
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