Video Conferencing Is Someone Watching?

Could someone potentially be watching and listening to you conduct business via the videoconferencing camera in your conference room—even when it isn’t supposed to be on? SECURITY The importance of keeping videoconferencing cameras out of the room when not in use is underscored by at least two incidents in recent [...]

Six Tips for Cleaning Projection Screens

Please Note: Cleaning should be undertaken only when needed and with great care. Not all stains can be removed. Please take care to protect your screen from damage to minimize the need for these procedures. The projection screen is the most visible part of your two-piece projection system. It’s also the most vulnerable [...]

Solar Control and Office Productivity

Office Shading Solar Control Solutions and Productivity Office shading solar control solutions will increase office productivity which decreases the number one expense most companies overlook. To understand how, one must go back to understanding what makes a productive building, and why productivity should be a consideration in building design. [...]

Sound Masking Testimonial

Sound Masking Testimonial Video about Reducing Distractions and Protecting Speech Privacy A leading commercial real estate management and construction firm delivers a compelling sound masking testimonial.  Hear about the benefits how they use direct-field sound masking to protect speech privacy, reduce office noise, and create a more comfortable work space. Hobbs Brook Management [...]

Video Walls Take Off

Video Walls Take Off This post on Video Walls is the second installment of the LCD Video Wall Technology series.  If you missed the first installment, click here.   Video Walls and the video wall market continues to evolve with more uses now dictated by new technology features, including deployment in collaborative work spaces. Just [...]

10 Ways Sound Masking Keeps A Secret

10 Ways SAVE Electronics Keeps A Secret Sound Masking Keeps Secrets Keep private meetings private because Sound Masking keeps secrets.  The specifically designed Conference Room Edition Sound Masking System installed by SAVE Electronics is a cost-effective solution specifically designed to protect the speech privacy of conversations in conference and board  rooms. All-in-one solution for conference [...]

Professional Electricians are no Stooges

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an will make you laugh. SAVE Electronics not only designs and installs audio, video and lighting systems, but has touched every phase of technology from the original vacuum tubes to lamp free projectors to custom designed head end systems. While [...]

“The Man From The Future”: Time traveling LG Ad captivates the Super Bowl

If you watched Super Bowl 50 last night, you probably saw the minute long ad featuring Liam Neeson as "The Man From The Future" who travels back in time to tell a younger version of himself (played by Neeson's son, Michael) about the coming revolution in viewing technology: OLED Television. At the same time, you [...]