Home Cinema-TV or Front Projection?

Another poll on TV or Front Projection is making the rounds. This one was posted on the well-known AVS Forum by writer Mark Henninger. “4K/UHD and HDR are undeniably a killer combo when it comes to bringing cinematic image quality home,” Henninger wrote in an article introducing the poll. “This begs the question: Are [...]

Surge Protection for your Home

We all have power surge plug protecting strips on pretty much every electronic device in our homes these days. From entertainment systems to computers, your home’s electronics need protection. So that means a few strip plugs and you’re done, right? Not so fast. There is a better way to protect everything in your home; a [...]

Six Tips for Cleaning Projection Screens

Please Note: Cleaning should be undertaken only when needed and with great care. Not all stains can be removed. Please take care to protect your screen from damage to minimize the need for these procedures. The projection screen is the most visible part of your two-piece projection system. It’s also the most vulnerable [...]

Casio Grows Their Lamp-Free Projector Line Up

Lamp Free Projector Reduces Operating Costs Casio announced major changes to their current Lamp Free Projector line up recently, including additions to the "Core" family which includes the popular XJ-V2 model. In addition, the "Advanced" family will take the place of “ Signature” likely being phased out by 2017. The Advanced line up will streamline [...]

Professional Electricians are no Stooges

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur...it will make you laugh. SAVE Electronics not only designs and installs audio, video and lighting systems, but has touched every phase of technology from the original vacuum tubes to lamp free projectors to custom designed head end systems. While [...]

Storage Capacity

Oh...how times have changed.  Has your equipment stayed up to date?

What’s Better…IR or RF Remotes?

An infrared (IR) remote control is the most commonly used type used by many consumer electronics.  IR remotes send a low-speed burst of light up to 30 feet and require direct line of sight with the to affect control. The easiest way to understand how IR remotes work is to compare it to a flashlight.  [...]

Massive Remodel Inspires Bells-and-Whistles Automation

Control4 published this great article about a complete home automation project SAVE Electronics designed and installed in an 18,000 sq/ft home in Rockwall, Texas. Sunnyvale, Texas Location, location, location: It’s what keeps many homeowners grounded to their current residence, prompting them to remodel instead of move out. And in this case, a prime lakefront location [...]