LCD Video Wall Technology

Next-Generation LCD Video Wall Technology Welcome to the new world of digital video displays and the next generation LCD video wall technology. Now wherever we go, high-impact video walls and display technology are everywhere: airports and transportation hubs, museums, retail stores, malls, corporate lobbies, restaurants, schools and universities, office collaboration spaces and more. What’s [...]

Flat Panel Video Wall System

Deliver a clear and powerful message with a quality Flat Panel Video Wall System. Important messages demand dynamic solutions! A multi-screen Flat Panel Video Wall System makes communication easy.  These unique systems can hold any number and size of flat panel monitors, WITHOUT the need for rear access. With flat panel video wall systems, you [...]

Professional Electricians are no Stooges

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an will make you laugh. SAVE Electronics not only designs and installs audio, video and lighting systems, but has touched every phase of technology from the original vacuum tubes to lamp free projectors to custom designed head end systems. While [...]

Storage Capacity times have changed.  Has your equipment stayed up to date?

What’s Better…IR or RF Remotes?

An infrared (IR) remote control is the most commonly used type used by many consumer electronics.  IR remotes send a low-speed burst of light up to 30 feet and require direct line of sight with the to affect control. The easiest way to understand how IR remotes work is to compare it to a flashlight.  [...]

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Display Captures Your Customers Attention View Details Digital Signage Display is the technology that sets you a part from your competition.  Watch this video, click on the link above and call us every 15 minutes. :) [efb_likebox fanpage_url="" box_width="250" box_height="300" colorscheme="light" locale="en_US" responsive="0" show_faces="1" show_header="1" show_stream="0" show_border="1" ] Learn more here. [...]