Drive Shack

Drive Shack partners with SAVE Electronics SAVE Electronics is honored and excited to be partnering with Drive Shack, an innovative company and a fantastic group of people. Drive Shack is an interactive entertainment venue that combines golf, competition, dining and fun for all ages.  Catering to the avid golfer and [...]

Video Conferencing Is Someone Watching?

Could someone potentially be watching and listening to you conduct business via the videoconferencing camera in your conference room—even when it isn’t supposed to be on? SECURITY The importance of keeping videoconferencing cameras out of the room when not in use is underscored by at least two incidents in recent [...]

Video Walls Take Off

Video Walls Take Off This post on Video Walls is the second installment of the LCD Video Wall Technology series.  If you missed the first installment, click here.   Video Walls and the video wall market continues to evolve with more uses now dictated by new technology features, including deployment in collaborative work spaces. Just [...]

Flat Panel Video Wall System

Deliver a clear and powerful message with a quality Flat Panel Video Wall System. Important messages demand dynamic solutions! A multi-screen Flat Panel Video Wall System makes communication easy.  These unique systems can hold any number and size of flat panel monitors, WITHOUT the need for rear access. With flat panel video wall systems, you [...]

Storage Capacity times have changed.  Has your equipment stayed up to date?

What’s Better…IR or RF Remotes?

An infrared (IR) remote control is the most commonly used type used by many consumer electronics.  IR remotes send a low-speed burst of light up to 30 feet and require direct line of sight with the to affect control. The easiest way to understand how IR remotes work is to compare it to a flashlight.  [...]

Engineer Joe Gets Shocked

  In today’s world, computers, laser printers, copiers, variable speed drives, electronic power supplies, and sensitive silicon-based microchips are sharing the same electrical system with traditional equipment, creating a system incompatibility. Modern equipment, both now and in the future, will require the electrical system to be free of transients and surges. Simply put, [...]

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The DFW Electronics Solutions EXPO is coming soon.

Presented by SAVE Electronics, Gemini Light, Sound & Video, and SDS Security, the DFW Electronics Solutions EXPO will feature commercial electronic solutions for business.  Vendors like LG, Casio, QMotion, Costar Video Systems, Draper, Coastal Source, Kramer, Just Add Power, Total Protection Solutions, Napco Security Technologies and more will highlight the latest innovations in video, audio, [...]

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