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Surge protection preparation reduces maintenance costs, improves safety

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This article appeared in the MARCH 2019 issue of Amusement Today. Whether one is an operator of an amusement park, water park or family entertainment center, experiencing the loss of power is an unwelcome obstacle. [...]

Drive Shack

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Drive Shack partners with SAVE Electronics SAVE Electronics is honored and excited to be partnering with Drive Shack, an innovative company and a fantastic group of people. Drive Shack is [...]

Home Cinema-TV or Front Projection?

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Another poll on TV or Front Projection is making the rounds. This one was posted on the well-known AVS Forum by writer Mark Henninger. “4K/UHD and HDR are undeniably a killer combo when it [...]

Video Conferencing Is Someone Watching?

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Could someone potentially be watching and listening to you conduct business via the videoconferencing camera in your conference room—even when it isn’t supposed to be on? SECURITY The importance of [...]

Surge Protection for your Home

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We all have power surge plug protecting strips on pretty much every electronic device in our homes these days. From entertainment systems to computers, your home’s electronics need protection. So that means a few strip [...]

Six Tips for Cleaning Projection Screens

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Please Note: Cleaning should be undertaken only when needed and with great care. Not all stains can be removed. Please take care to protect your screen from damage to minimize the need for [...]

Solar Control and Office Productivity

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Office Shading Solar Control Solutions and Productivity Office shading solar control solutions will increase office productivity which decreases the number one expense most companies overlook. To understand how, one must go back to understanding [...]

Sound Masking Testimonial

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Sound Masking Testimonial Video about Reducing Distractions and Protecting Speech Privacy A leading commercial real estate management and construction firm delivers a compelling sound masking testimonial.  Hear about the benefits how they use [...]

Video Walls Take Off

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Video Walls Take Off This post on Video Walls is the second installment of the LCD Video Wall Technology series.  If you missed the first installment, click here.   Video Walls and the video wall [...]

LCD Video Wall Technology

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Next-Generation LCD Video Wall Technology Welcome to the new world of digital video displays and the next generation LCD video wall technology. Now wherever we go, high-impact video walls and display technology are everywhere: [...]

Flat Panel Video Wall System

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Deliver a clear and powerful message with a quality Flat Panel Video Wall System. Important messages demand dynamic solutions! A multi-screen Flat Panel Video Wall System makes communication easy.  These unique systems can hold any [...]

10 Ways Sound Masking Keeps A Secret

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10 Ways SAVE Electronics Keeps A Secret Sound Masking Keeps Secrets Keep private meetings private because Sound Masking keeps secrets.  The specifically designed Conference Room Edition Sound Masking System installed by SAVE Electronics is a [...]

Casio Grows Their Lamp-Free Projector Line Up

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Lamp Free Projector Reduces Operating Costs Casio announced major changes to their current Lamp Free Projector line up recently, including additions to the "Core" family which includes the popular XJ-V2 model. In addition, the "Advanced" [...]

Sound Masking in Hospitals

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Hospital Sound Masking Speech Privacy Hospital sound masking speech privacy helps hospitals safeguard speech privacy as required by HIPAA, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance the quality of care given to patients. Sound masking is [...]

Professional Electricians are no Stooges

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If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur...it will make you laugh. SAVE Electronics not only designs and installs audio, video and lighting systems, but has touched [...]

“The Man From The Future”: Time traveling LG Ad captivates the Super Bowl

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If you watched Super Bowl 50 last night, you probably saw the minute long ad featuring Liam Neeson as "The Man From The Future" who travels back in time to tell a younger version of [...]

What is the difference between LED, Florescent or Incandescent light bulbs?

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Both LED (light-emitting diode) and Incandescent bulbs produce light using electricity but the difference is how they create light which leads to other differences such as energy consumption. Incandescent lights use electricity to heat up [...]


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3.9 out of 5 stars

Hilda Wenno
Hilda Wenno

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

My Experience with this Company Was Excellent. Staff seemed knowledgeable listened to what I wanted and help me pick out what I needed got everything installed the same day professionally they did a great job and they were easy to talk to whole process was quick and easy. Make sure you visit them if you want it done right easy and quick.

Carolyn Reindollar
Carolyn Reindollar

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

Very knowledgeable, competitive pricing and great service! Have worked with SAVE for over 15 years. Love working with them!

Joe Scarlata
Joe Scarlata

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

I have used Save Electronics on three homes over the last approximately ten years and each time I use them I am more impressed then the time before. Tim Boyd is an absolute genius and I believe his key to success is that he surrounds himself with installers that are equally qualified. He just finished a system in my lake house and I have an 85" Sony Bravia that gets 4K resolution which just "Blows me away". I just can't say enough about Save Electronics and their commitment to perfection
They are on time, neat, honest, efficient, and best of all, they offer you the latest and greatest technology at a fair price and guarantee their work. It's an absolute "no brainer" Save Electronics is the best run show on the planet.

David Leventhal
David Leventhal

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

Save Electronics did a great job installing our sound masking system. Very professional, courteous, and efficient.

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