Apartment Noise Control

Tim Boyd, President of SAVE Electronics interviewed about Apartment Noise Control with Sound Masking by Tech Home Builder.

Apartment complexes and condos can be loud places without some kind of noise control.

While architectural noise control is ideal, it’s not always possible in multidwelling units (MDUs). Sound-blocking technology used in businesses is being used in MDUs to reduce sound between units and allow apartment dwellers more peace and quiet.

Sound-masking technology can improve residents’ quality of life, keeping conversations and other doings private, preventing outside noises from becoming a nuisance and allowing residents better sleep.

Sound masking is the addition of sound created by special digital generators and (often unseen) speakers to cover up unwanted sounds. Banks and hospitals use this tech to ensure their clients’ and patients’ privacy.

“Think of a multifamily like a call center,” says Tim Boyd, CEO of SAVE Electronics in Sunnyvale, Texas. “Everyone is in their own cubicle or apartment, and you can hear everyone’s conversations, their footsteps and movements. You hear them going down the hall and above your head. Sound masking keeps that noise from resonating across hallways, floors and walls.” 

Sound-blocking tech is normally cheaper than architectural noise control—particularly when used in former industrial buildings renovated as apartments, such as EYA’s Oronoc apartments in Alexandria, Va.  Read More Here

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