18k Video Wall 10 meters wide in Taipei, Taiwan. March 16, 2016

18k Video Wall 10 meters wide in Taipei, Taiwan. March 16, 2016 – Just imaging an 18k Video Wall 10 meter wide (yes…18k!) generating amazing graphics and delivering informative and interactive contents across 36 super-narrow bezel displays.

This video wall is DGA-compatible and works by weaving a large number of independent, off-the-shelf graphics hardware into one large, coordinated display fabric, similar to Hadoop computing architecture adopting a large number of standard computers to form unlimited computing clouds. Hadoop has begun to power software solutions from Google, Facebook, SAP and IBM for more affordable and scalable data crunching.

  • Virtually unlimited in the pixel resolution as well as the number of displays that can be added to one video wall
  • Cross-screen frame-accurate synchronization.
  • Uses commodity system-on-chip parts, reducing both cost and power consumption
  • Built-in fault tolerance to deliver extremely high reliability
  • Supporting rich contents including HTML5 as well as legacy software

Within this multi-billion digital signage sector, ultra-large video walls are gaining popularity. However, today’s video wall market lacks a standardized mechanism for digital contents delivered at ultra-high resolutions and DGA is the answer to that.

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